We welcome anyone with CrossFit experience visiting the area to drop in to any of our classes. Please send us an e-mail or facebook message if you plan to drop-in to a 6am or 7:15am session, they are occasionally canceled if members or drop ins are not signed in. Otherwise a message is not necessary, but appreciated.  Please come in  5-10 minutes before the WOD to get acquainted with the box and fill out a waiver!


The daily drop-in fee is $20 per class or $30 with a T-shirt. Want to join us for an entire week? Pay $60 for the week or $70 with a T-shirt on your first visit, cash is preferred to make things easy


If you are an experienced athlete that wants to follow your own program please send us a message. We can accommodate separate programming during some scheduled sessions or at certain other times during the day.